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Industrial spaces are designed to provide structured working environments with a heavy reliance on assembly, machinery and technology. We help develop interior projects that address safety, efficiency, durability and attractiveness. We specialize in: New Construction, Bridges, Drilling Rigs, Factories, Forges, Foundries, Gristmills, Mines, Parkades, Power Plants, Refineries, Sawmills, and Warehouses.

our services include:

Providing excellent quality services and committment to safety standards and your environment, your facility will be back up and running in no time. We specialize in: New Construction, Bridges, Drilling Rigs, Factories, Forges, Foundries, Gristmills, Mines, Parkades, Power Plants, Refineries, Sawmills, and Warehouses.

our services include:

surface preparation
& repair

Surface preparation is a critical factor in the performance of paints, coatings and repair materials applied to any surface. We use various methods (sanding, cleaning, filling, priming and etc.) to prepare surfaces and make sure the final product meets your expectations, and ours.

surface preparation
& repair

We do what is necessary to make sure the final product is the best possible, from sand blasting & shot blasting, to chemical stripping and industrial floor cleaning, to the final coat of paint.

paint &

Bridge the gap between functional and aesthetics with our wide variety of paint and wall covering options. We always recommend the best Canadian products and greenest options possible to give you the best results.


Exterior industrial coatings are defined by protective, rather than aesthetic properties, although they can provide both. Our professionals get the job done right by following the three coating system with a complete range of performance solutions to protect facilities in any environment.

vinyl &

Industrial environments require highly-efficient and functional wall coverings that can handle extended heavy traffic. We provide multiple vinyl fabrics solutions for these specialized areas or creative wallpaper for comfortable common areas.

steel structures
& metal roofing

Our trained professionals specialize in the highest standards and care in transporting steel/metal coating and painting supplies, surface preparation, coating mixing, and application. We have the capability to handle almost any size of project from large steel structures and trusses, to custom fabrications.

exposed structure

Trust our team to work with the special challenges of your buildings exposed surface. There are a variety of exposed structure coatings available to provide the best performance and proper protection for your surface without compromising the look you want to achieve.

siding: stucco, wood, vinyl, cement board

We’re exterior painting experts with years of experience painting stucco, wood siding, vinyl siding, cedar shingles, wood trim, doors and more. Our various paint and coating options are an economical way to restore faded siding, get a new look, add curb appeal and improve the value of your property.

flooring sealers
& coatings

Industrial floors are usually in high traffic and design specific locations. Our product applications and coatings will protect your floors in all environments, from tough processing plants to sophisticated warehouses and facilities while maintaining the image/design you want.

waterproof sealers

Our waterproof coatings and sealing applications are developed for surface protection and beautification. We offer multi-component and single-component grade material for wood, metal, and concrete, masonry weatherproofing, and caulking penetration for windows, walls and doors.

coatings / fireproofing

Intumescent coatings provide the best protection when it comes to firestopping and fireproofing. Whether you’re treating steel beams, wood, or electrical backboard panels, our materials offer the best lightweight, durable solution for fire protection and thermal resistance.

solvent based
coatings & epoxy

Unprotected heavy traffic areas are susceptible to damage from chemicals, liquids, and water; leaving tile and concrete flawed and unattractive. Our solvent based polyaspartic coatings and epoxy applications seal cracks and fill pores,; providing stain and damage resistance that’s easy to maintain, offering durability and longevity.

safety first

We offer an excellent WCB record, APCA accreditation, and our trades staff always comply with industry standards set by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). We are currently in the process of achieving the Certification of Recognition (COR). All workers are WHMIS, First-Aid trained, ticketed and security cleared.

We require that all our oil & gas project workers be certified and trained, and abide by the Petroleum Orientated Safety Training (POST).

Mandatory hazard assessments at the beginning of each shift, and weekly toolbox meetings provide safety instruction and maintenance procedures for a wide variety of on-site safety and hazards, and we provide our staff with identifiable uniforms.

behavior on-site

We’re so confident with our work that it’s backed by a minimum one year written warranty depending on the contact of the project as proposed by our project manager.

We plan for all aspects of job preparation: square footage, cost of materials and time for project completion. We take steps to make sure your property is protected at all times. We work around your office/retail schedule and respect your staff and work environment.

Our staff of full-time employees and contractors consists of Journeymen Painters, Tradesmen, and Apprentices.

Generational Company

cutting edge

We always purchase and try the newest cutting edge technology, from spray equipment and products to hand tools and paint supplies. If we think it results in better quality or increased productivity, we’ll use it in our projects.

Green Focused


Final Touch Decorating is proud to go green with lower or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and LEED; recognizing sustainability should be at the heart of all buildings – their design, construction and operation. Our choices of environmentally friendly paints and coatings exceed the strictest industry standards, while delivering the premium levels of performance you expect.

High Standards


When selecting a brand of paint, we always recommend the highest grade available. We’re proud to offer a large variety of high-quality paints and coatings meeting the most stringent performance-based standards of the Master Painters Institute (MPI), setting architectural standards and quality-assurance painting and coating application.

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